Jugendbegegnungs- und Bildungsstätte Lommel
Dodenveldstraat 30
BE – 3920 Lommel

+ 32 11 55 43 70

For general inquiries, you can use the contact form. For reservation requests, please use the reservation form (to the reservation form).

    Opening hours:

    Normally, the youth meeting and training center Lommel is open to guests all year round. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot accommodate guests at the moment and our house is currently closed. We plan to reopen the center depending on the pandemic development.


    Buses and cars can park on our premises.

    Arrival by train:
    If you travel by train, then you have to get off at Lommel train station.
    Information about all train connections can be found at
    The train station is located about 3 kilometers from House Across Borders Lommel.
    To get from the train station in Lommel to House Across Borders, take bus no. 29 in the direction of Hasselt and get off at the stop Lommel Kerkhoven-Gelderhorsten. As soon as you get off the bus, walk in the direction of Dodenveldstraat no. 30 (about a 5-minute walk).