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„Women at War“ – Podcast

We are Lea and Luise, two ESC volunteers at the German war cemetery in Lommel, Belgium. We have been working on our own podcast series entitled "Women At War" for some time now.

But what exactly do we mean by this title? Of course, it is a topic that has been researched many times and discussed and reappraised in countless documentaries. In this podcast, we are therefore not interested in sharing any spectacular new facts, but first and foremost we simply want to talk about a topic that interests us personally. We want to share our thoughts with you.

When you hear the term war, you usually think of men who joined the army and fought as soldiers for their country. But how did women actually act in war in their respective times? What were their tasks, their experiences - in short: their role in the war? These and other questions will now be answered in the episodes, at least as far as we can.

The series consists of a total of five topics that build on each other chronologically:

26.01.2022 As a soldier's wife in the Thirty Years' War

02.02.2022 Double identity - women in the coalition wars

09.02.2022 Between work and family - everyday life during the First World War

16.02.2022 Of female soldiers, concentration camp guards and prisoners, the many faces of women in the Second World War

23.02.2022 At the mercy of boundless violence - women in modern wars

You can find all episodes of "Women At War" here.

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