Our Erasmus exchange programme “Building Bridges – ‘Cause Communication Connects ” took place from 11 to 23 July 2022 in the “House Across Borders” here in Lommel – right next to the largest German war gravesite of the Second World War in Western Europe.

The aim of our exchange was to deal more intensively with the big topic of “communication” and thereby discover more possible ways of the same – understanding across all imaginable borders in order to promote an intercultural exchange and a deeper connection between the participants. In addition, we want to develop a real understanding of the value of successful communication. To this end, we invited young people from Belgium, Spain, Germany, Northern Macedonia and Lithuania. The total of 27 participants spent 12 days here together.

With the help of theatre and the visual arts, we wanted to discover the diversity of interaction and understanding in a creative way and gain a new, different perspective. In cooperation with Villa Basta, we were able to offer two creative workshops dealing with communication in two different ways. On the one hand, our participants were able to engage in artistic activities, but also develop their own non-verbal theatre piece.

The results of their work could be seen on 21.07.22 live on site or via a livestream.

A film was also made as part of the project, which you can see here.

Of course, there were many other things on the programme, such as a trip to Brussels, a boat tour or a guided tour of the cemetery. The participants were also able to travel around Belgium in their free time and discover this country together.

We hope that by bringing together these people from different cultures and backgrounds and creating this unique project with them, we were able to promote intercultural exchange and also offer the participants an unforgettable experience.

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